The Kettle Black



Design firm Studio You Me
Category Hospitality

The Kettle Black is no standard cafe. It sits somewhere between cafe and restaurant, almost creating its own genre of venue. Nestled under the belly of an Elenberg Fraser apartment tower on Albert Road, South Melbourne, the cafe is a light-filled space, which is elegant, warm, authentic and hand-crafted. It is a genuinely feel-good space with a friendly hustle and a relaxed vibe.

The interior palette has been carefully curated with warm finishes of soft oak timbers, polished concrete offset by the punch of the mint green-accented chairs and tiled walls. The black crafted steel hanging waiters’ stations and communal tables add the tough edge whilst the hexagonal marble tiles and brass details bring a refined elegance and luxury to the cafe.

The shortlists have been revealed for the annual Eat Drink Design Awards in 2015, with The Kettle Black up for Best Cafe Design.

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