Linkedin Workplace Sydney

Location SYDNEY, NSW
Design firm Woods Bagot
Category Workplace

Dedicated to sharing information between professionals within the online realm, LinkedIn desired to continue the interactive practice between its employees during its platform’s day-to-day activities. Seeming to be standard in the offices of social networking sites around the globe, Sydney’s LinkedIn headquarters incorporates amenities such as a barbecue area, indoor beer garden and games room as well as a wellness facility.

As an analogue form of the social network’s sharing capability, the mega desk’s wooden surface begins at the reception area and then weaves its way through the office’s 3600-sqm interior. Once a void is reached, the timber surfaces briefly pause to bridge the gap with textile-upholstered canopies enshrouding breakout spaces or flooring patterns formulating a makeshift shadow cast by an imaginary desk surface. Presentation spaces continue the fusion of digital and analogue with cutting-edge communicaton tools meeting the function of folding tables and height-adjustable tables.

FRIDAY armchairs by Zeitraum invite client comfort sit alongside a cluster of APU occasional tables providing areas to rest things on in the break-out and reception areas. Pangen pendant lighting by FontanaArte light up the meeting rooms. Fable stools double as side tables sitting infront of a curved sofa for social informal meetings and gatherings.

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