Location Melbourne, VIC
Design firm Bates Smart
Category Workplace

Leading numerous strategic planning sessions with client Latitude, Bates Smart were able to gain a thorough understanding of the key values of the financial service provider to ensure the best possible functional outcomes of the newly designed space.

Adopting an activity based style of working, the Latitude team endeavored to have an open environment with no fixed desks or offices, giving freedom for all staff to work freely across teams.

Four key values were identified that set the design framework; Customer First, We Poineer, Make It Happen and Better Together. Bates Smart fused this together with an aesthetic that captured the culture of Latitude with elements including edgy, surprising, warm, simple and fun.

Design Nation worked closely with Bates Smart to provide a range of seating options from stools to meeting and training chairs, used in a variety of spaces to create the diverse and flexible environment.

Photography by Sean Fennessy


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