Csl Office Building Cafeteria

Design firm Spowers
Category Workplace

The integrated workplace fitout, designed by Spowers, involved the redevelopment of the CSL office building and a full refurbishment and extension to the CSL kitchen, cafeteria space and dining facilities.

Spowers has previously designed an administration building with an integrated fitout on this site. The project featured large column free spaces for maximum flexibility, the use of natural light, high performance solar double glazing, increased roof and wall insulation and a selection of materials with low emission / high passive thermal mass characteristics.

In 2014, having outgrown their current office facilities, CSL again appointed Spowers to design a new administration building on the Broadmeadows site, with an integrated fitout.

The project began with the completion of a comprehensive feasibility study on the entire Broadmeadows site, with a view of maximising accommodation opportunities.

Stage 1: is the refurbishment and the expansion of the existing kitchen, cafeteria and dining facilities.

Stage 2: includes a new 5,000m² Administration Building and includes a new workshop building of 600m2, the refurbishment of existing executive areas, and a full refurbishment and extension to the kitchen and cafeteria space.

A range of furniture features in the CSL cafeteria and dining space, adding a touch of style, colour and warmth. Alpin tables, benches and stools in ash timber by Hussl, New York dining armchairs by Saba Italia, Gradisca chairs by Billiani, custom ottomans in green and custom tables, supplied by Design Nation, provide areas for the CSL staff to relax, sit in comfort and gather together.

Designer: Spowers. Builder: Monaco Hickey.

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