Luis Calabuig, María Mengual and Ana Segovia studied Industrial Design together at UPV in Valencia and established Odosdesign in 2005.

We view the design of new products as an ongoing daily process, as a reflection on the different lifestyles and the needs that each of them entails. We are influenced by everyday experiences. We watch everything around us and analyze how we react to these things, since our future designs will also be around us and will become part of our reality.

We believe in strong ideas and passionate work, whatever the scale of the product or the location. We find creativity enriching in all its forms.

We develop long-lasting products that are beyond fashion. In order to achieve these high standards, it is important to be involved in all processes, from the initial concept to product development and communications, including graphic design and art direction.

We undertake our graphic design work with discipline and honesty. Being a multi-disciplinary studio, creativity is in the air, and different starting points lead to results that have much in common. Our main mission is to communicate products, and developing our own products helps us understand how to show them without excessive ornament. Thus, we always try to support our graphic design work with photographic art direction, in order to achieve unity, consistency, and perfect product communication.

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