Enzo Berti


Born in Venice in 1950, he has always shown interest in developing the arts from the beginning with a strong attitude for art studies. His passion for form and colour was expressed and strengthened through his studies under the prestigious guide of Alberto Viani, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. 

In the mid-seventies he participated actively at the first course of industrial design promoted by the Faculty of Architecture. The contact and teaching with those undisputed “masters” of decorative arts, helped to shape the eclectic personality of the designer, who created interesting projects and exhibits in decorative arts exhibitions, held in various countries of Europe.

During the following years, he is revealed as a designer with considerable creative abilities and aesthetic sense: the projects are never the result of trivial technical insight, but the perfect synthesis of form, function, industrial processing and enhancement of the expressive capacity of materials, that compose the same project. This is why the artistic creative process is not an end in itself, but as the scope of everyday objects’s development and production. 

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