Justin Lamont


Justin Lamont is a self-taught designer/maker. He is one half of LifeSpaceJourney, a Melbourne-based product design and manufacturing practice launched in 2009 by brothers Justin and Glenn Lamont.

Justin takes a hands-on approach to design and problem solving through observation and learning, understanding materials, amalgamating trades and most importantly, connecting with people. He works hard to create fresh unique products with a strong element of fun. Every piece is highly functional yet curious and interesting as an object in its own right. It's about capturing the essence of what a timeless interesting piece is. His background in art and sculpture drives a lot of the simple lines and silhouettes of his pieces.

The focus for LifeSpaceJourney is to re-inject a story into products, bringing back the human element of craftsmanship to products and in doing so push back against the mass consumerism of 'replica' products that has pervaded the modern marketplace. LifeSpaceJourney has a special interest in working with clients who have an idea of what they want to achieve but don't know how to achieve it.

LifeSpaceJourney uses locally sourced and often reclaimed materials, combining their own skills and the yesteryear skills of local craftspeople with technology to create bespoke design outcomes. Almost all of their designs evolve rapidly from sketch to finished product often without the aid of computer modelling, which despite being a fantastic tool can often blinker the design process. LifeSpaceJourney design can be considered minimalist/eclectic/bespoke.

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