Bruce Rowe


Bruce Rowe is the founder of Anchor Ceramics, a design studio that operates in an applied research, prototyping and product development capacity. Rowe’s design and making expertise is central to the development of the studio’s output. The design process begins with drawings, models, maquettes and in-house prototypes. These are then developed closely with specialist ceramic and technology experts to create beautiful, handmade pieces including tiles, lighting, outdoor and furniture product lines.   

Rowe has a background in art and design and trained in Architecture at the University of Western Australia, graduating with honours in 2001. Across 20 years of professional creative life, Rowe has focused on developing a working methodology that looks to integrate the act of designing with that of making – a connected and cyclical feedback loop that is a constant source of learning and discovery.  He maintains a practice of visual inquiry, publication and exhibition that is deeply embedded within the creative activities of the studio.

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