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Launching Apparentt May 2019

Following our 20 year celebrations and launch of our new name Design Nation, we are proud to present Apparentt to the collection. In our continued support of Australian design, Melbourne based design duo Elliot + Louise Gorham of Apparentt joins the Design Nation portfolio.

With all products produced locally in the Apparentt studio in Richmond, Victoria, a variety of different manufacturing methods are used, some fairly common for the industry and others, which they believe, are wholly unique to their workshop and their products.  Where possible Apparentt try to do as much in house manufacturing as possible, therefore monitoring and managing quality control much more stringently, and maybe more excitingly, adding complexities and pushing boundaries without resistance from external manufacturers traditional methods of construction. “We’re free to continually experiment and create a modern aesthetic”.

“Over the last two years we have been learning, experimenting and perfecting a method of steam bending timber. Initial efforts proved difficult and its application wasn’t immediately obvious. However, we have since had much success and after a long development we are very excited to share the Esteem chair”.  

The Esteem chair comfortably encapsulates, gently supporting you in a collection of carefully considered joinery, highlighted by natural timber grain and graceful curves. Its honest and simple design is a celebration of material and process. Developed and refined over several years, this distinctive piece is the result of many iterations and subsequent prototypes. “From conception to realization, our goal was to create the perfect package of elegance in design, simplicity for manufacture and comfort to function”. The Esteem’s backrest is a seamless, flowing curve made from a single, solid piece of steam bent timber. Steam bending not only creates less waste and therefore a more sustainable product, but the absence of joins in the curve makes it considerably more durable, and undoubtedly more beautiful.

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