Kin is a young Melbourne-based design company, born from a passion to create simple, functional and lasting furniture and objects. From their passion for good design and a belief that the things we surround ourselves with are central to identity, sense of place and a connection with our surroundings, Dermot and Janelle developed their brand, Kin.

At Kin, they strive to produce simple, modern and crafted products that are long lasting and timeless. Central to the Kin approach is the value placed on how things are made and where. Working in close collaboration with specialist local craftsmen, our products are skilfully and ethically produced in Australia on a small scale with the combination of traditional handcraft and new production technologies. Natural, beautiful and durable are the characteristics they look for in their materials.

Starting with good design, their aim is to produce lasting and functional furniture that has a long lifecycle. Using wood sourced from sustainably managed forests, processing material efficiently, using natural plant derived finishes and designing easily transportable and packaged product are all part of their approach to responsible local production.

 Veiw the entire Kin collection here

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