A stunning Melbourne residential project, designed by David Flack from Flack Studio, showcases sleek DOLL chairs by Billiani in black that complement the dining and kitchen spaces as featured in Elle Decoration UK magazine September 2017, pg.124-137.

"A rich, yet restrained palette of materials is the epitome of modernity in this Australian apartment." pg.125.

One of three in a set of untouched 15-year-old duplexes, the faux-Georgian house was transformed from a chintzy interior into a sophisticated and glamorous series of spaces with strong graphic details.

Design Detail - Modern Luxury 
Interior designer David Flack's five tips for creating an elegant and contemporary home pg.136
1. Keep it simple
2. Don't commit to too many ideas
3. Choose strong, statement materials
4. Work with dimensions of your home
5. Create strong sight lines

Words: Karine Monie. Photography: Brook Holm. Styling: Marsha Golemac.