Redecorating a Tired Bar

Even though your old bar may have a lot of character to it, unless you are able to liven it up, its days may be numbered. The following is a look at how to redecorate your tired old bar, and breathe new life into it in the process.

Repaint it

Nothing will change the look and feel of a place more effectively than having it repainted, so if your bar is feeling tired, worn and outdated, brighten up the place and have some new colours put on the walls. While a professionally painted job will usually look a lot better, if you are short on funds, don’t be afraid to have a go at doing the painting yourself. You might even be able to recruit some of your bar’s regulars to help out.

Change the art

Having the same art on the walls of your bar for years on end can start to look depressing after a while, so to get a burst of new life in there, change up the art. If you know of up-and-coming artists in the community, ask them if they’d be interested in showing some of their work at your bar, or else consider investing in a few new pieces of art as assets for your business.

Upgrade your bar furniture

Sitting on a stool that has been sat on by thousands of other people before you will generally affect its comfort, not to mention the way it looks, so get rid of those old bar chairs and bring in some stylish, comfortable replacements. The stools in your bar are also a great place to add some colour and create a more modern theme, so do some research into your options and upgrade those bar stools.

Get rid of the carpet

Apart from being difficult to keep clean and bad for the air quality, carpets present a severely dated look. If you want your bar to look in any way modern, consider getting rid of those carpets.

Highlight your age

Considering how modern everything seems to be these days, your old bar is likely in an old-style building with a look and feel unlike any of the other bars in your area. Finding ways to freshen up your bar while also maintaining the more charming and historical elements can be a great way to invigorate your business without tossing away years of precious history.

Change the lighting

A fantastic way to breathe new life into a tired bar is by playing around with the lighting. Whether you bring in a few funky new lamps or change the colour of the light to blue or red, your lighting can single-handedly revive a tired bar. With the lights in the right places, you can also highlight your strengths and hide your weaknesses, allowing you a little more time to save up for those often-expensive renovations.