Designing the Perfect Café Bar

Café bars should be aesthetically pleasing with an environment that your customers find attractive and comfortable. Whether you are renovating or starting up a new café bar, the following tips will help you design it properly:

  1. Choose a theme that will attract your target clientele, and that goes well with the vibe of the neighbourhood. This will determine the colours, decorations and style of café furniture you will use.
  1. Take measurements of the floor, walls and ceiling so that you know how much space there is to work with when planning the interior.
  1. Start the interior design with the bar you want. Knowing the size of the counter will help you plan the rest of your space around it. Decide whether you’ll have bar stools lining the bar, or if it will only be a space for placing orders.
  1. Ensure your café bar is in compliance with all local health and building regulations.
  1. Decide on other infrastructure you’ll need for your bar, such as a coffee machine, espresso machine, soda taps, a sink, cold storage and other cupboard spaces.