Elliot + Louise Gorham

Origin Australia

Elliot Gorham, Managing Director and furniture designer + maker and Louise Gorham, Creative Director, are Apparentt’s Melbourne based husband and wife team.

With a background in woodworking and Furniture Design at ANU, Elliot blends his technical and creative thinking with Louise Gorham, who studied Musical Theatre Performance at the University of Ballarat Arts Academy. After meeting each other, Elliot’s infectious enthusiasm and their shared interest in interiors and furniture, set the change in Louise’s transition in career to launch Apparentt in 2016. As a way of combining their collective skills, Apparentt enables them to focus their creativity and continuing to pursue our passion for design and beautiful things.

Apparentt is inspired to create a carefully considered range of furniture using only the highest quality materials, coupled with credible methods of construction. The outcome is pieces that are versatile and will last a lifetime in both residential, or commercial interiors. 

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