Rakumba Design Team


From first sketch to finished product, every Rakumba-designed piece goes beyond the ordinary. When creating a product we constantly ask the same question with pride: ‘How can we make this better?’ We believe this push for perfection and the merging of craft and design is where beauty is made.

‘Our collaborative design process includes all our design-motivated people, regardless of whether or not their position description includes the word “Designer”.’ – Michael Murray

The Rakumba design team is focused on beauty, detail and going beyond the ordinary. And we’re passionate about lighting – not just in Australia but internationally.

The phrase ‘Making Beauty’ truly encapsulates why we do what we do.

Rakumba’s team of industrial designers create decorative lighting suitable for commercial and residential projects on any scale. We solve problems and manage risk through a design-led approach to our projects. This is pretty important when we’re constantly looking for ways to push what’s already been done. And often this process leads to us designing parts and systems that can be re-used across our own product ranges as well as bespoke projects.

We make beauty.’

We think it’s important for every product to have its own story, whether it’s in the idea for the original concept or a client using their creativity when customising one of our pieces. It’s all part of our push for perfection, from first sketch to finished product.

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