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Celebrating 20 years with energy February 2019

We believe that design, inherently, is about moving forward. It reflects and drives the changing nature of how we work and live. We believe the Australian architecture and design industry remains very much at the forefront of that. And for the past 20 years so have we.

It has been a rewarding and energetic two decades for us. We’ve built a strong and distinctive collection of local and international brands whose common thread is a passion for people. We have also been blessed with wonderful clients. The warm and genuine relationships we share with you are what energise us, every single day.
In 2019 we’re moving forward with a big leap! We’re thrilled to introduce you to our exciting brand refresh and new business name. It is with immense pride and anticipation that we present Design Nation.

For us, Design Nation represents an important coming of age. In 20 years we have evolved from a business specialising in design solutions for café environments, to a design destination and community with knowledge and capabilities that reach right across workplace, hospitality, residential, education, healthcare and aged care.

Assuming a new identity does not come easily. We have undertaken some real soul searching, with support from key thought leaders within our own industry and further afield. The process was challenging, revealing and illuminating, and provided us with the essential insights into who we are and how to move forward.

As Design Nation we are a business that’s passionate about connecting with people. We couldn’t function without our fabulous team and the incredible designers, architects, craftspeople, and manufacturers with whom we work every day. It’s that meeting of like-minds that allows us to help create transformative environments that improve the human experience.

Design is our DNa.

We invite you to browse our new website, discover our collection, and connect with us as Design Nation.

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