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Behind the design of Zeitraum's Friday August 2019

Dedicated to a passion for materials and a ‘made in Germany’ seal of quality, Zeitraum collaborate with a range of leading international designers to design and develop product that stay true to their philosophy and experience woodworking in the southern Germany and Alpine region. Zeitraum’s love of material and the deep connection to their surroundings ensures their ongoing commitment to sustainability and the natural environment.

Designed by Formstelle for Zeitraum, the subtly formed wooden frame of the Friday collection unifies the sophisticated technical construction with modern, yet soft aesthetics. Formstelle ensured the textile, leather and wood all complemented each other in their texture and formal language. Depicting the craftsmanship of this piece the back leather detail is reminiscent of a pattern cut while the colour and timber grain make each design a true masterpiece.

View the craftsmanship behind the manufacturing of the Friday Collection:

Friday Production by Zeitraum from Design Nation on Vimeo.

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