The Basics of Home Design

Good home design means having a comprehensive plan for your home and its contents. The basic aspects of home design you must take into account when designing or revising your house include:

  • The layout or the house plan. This includes the layout of the rooms, the amount of space available, and the location of amenities.
  • The function that you want to achieve with your home. Do you want a relaxing environment for your retirement, a place to raise your children, something to impress your neighbours, or a functional space for your home office? Determining the function can help you with the plan and design.
  • The colours. Colour determines the atmosphere in the home, and it can influence the emotions of those inside. Dark colours or reds can be depressing, while pastels can be relaxing.
  • The light. Light determines the atmosphere and, in many cases, the liveability of the home. It can also determine the function. You will want a lot of light in areas where you work, such as the home office or the kitchen, but less light in the bedroom.

Understanding the basics of home design can help you create a house that you and your family will be proud to call ‘home’.