Stylish Storage Solutions for Cafes and Restaurants

As any cafe or restaurant store owner will attest, making the most of your space means you don’t have to spend money on a larger area for storage purposes, when sometimes the smaller space you have can work just fine with the proper storage solution. Nor does the storage solution have to be bland and boring. It can be a piece of artwork to dazzle your customers.

Here are a few Cafe Culture + Insitu items that could prove helpful for your storage and display needs. 


Brand: Casamania

Brand: Casamania

The Weave collection is the perfect space-saving magazine holder for cafes and restaurants that want to provide magazines and light reading for their customers. Its modern form uses overlapping lines and shapes for a different look, and is available in white, black and hot apple spice red.

Whether it be the large or small size you use, this piece is the perfect unique bookcase for small areas to add a modern feel. Best of all, it looks much more aesthetically pleasing than a traditional bookcase and you can fit in different sizes of material without it looking uneven.



Brand: Casamania

If you have a little more room to spare for your book shelving needs, the Alma is a great choice. This modular book shelf system can be customised thanks to the range of fabric inserts you can choose, which helps you to integrate it with the rest of your interior space.

The modular shelves come in three size variations and can be arranged in different ways to suit your specific needs. And, thanks to its sturdy metal framework, the shelves can hold large weights with no trouble at all.

Code 1


Brand: Zeitraum

If you only have very narrow spaces available for your storage solutions, then the Code 1 range is the answer for you. This narrow, vertically oriented shelving unit with three columns is perfect if you have items of different sizes you wish to display.

Available in a variety of timber veneers and colours, this shelving system works well for storing and displaying books, magazines, artwork, merchandise or a range of other products in a sleek and creative way.

Code 2


Brand: Zeitraum

For a different look, the Code 2 display system is longer in width than Code 1, and is greatly reduced in height. This horizontally oriented display case is ideal for rooms with long, low space available.

Additionally, the top of this case is perfect for displaying items that may not fit in the partitions below, helping you to take maximum advantage of this storage solution.

Code 4


Brand: Zeitraum

Code 4 is similar to Code 1 and Code 2, however it continues the trend of being smaller than its predecessor (in this case, Code 2). Code 4 is both smaller in height and in width than Code 2, which is perfect for small spaces. For example, this case would be ideal in a small reading nook of a cafe.

As with the other items in this range, our Code 4 case is available in a variety of timber veneers and colours and has many shelving compartments to suit your display and storage needs.



Brand: Casamania

If you want a stand-out display piece for your customers or a great storage item for staff, the Container is a great choice. Its minimal design has a modern edge that is sure to start conversations. Best of all, this multi-purpose design includes:

  • A storage cabinet
  • A credenza
  • Side boards
  • A filing system

With so many compartments and storage shelves, this piece is an all-in-one storage solution. The design features a natural elm wood base, and modules can be lacquered in either black or white.

Olivia Console


Brand: Miniforms

Do you need a small storage unit for a compact area in your cafe or restaurant – but you don’t want it to look like a storage unit? This piece may remind you of an occasional hall table that could be found in any home. The Olivia Console is a great piece for an entranceway, hallway or even a piece to make your cafe more welcoming and homely for your customers.

It’s also perfect for storing magazines, books and other treasures within its shelving cavities. It can either be added to a modern interior scheme, or alternatively it fits just as well in a more retro inspired room.



Brand: Miniforms

Industrial themed pieces can create a great atmosphere in cafes and restaurants when used cleverly. For example, the Matassa collection has clean lines and metallic features that are designed to suit most interior spaces to best effect.

This piece is great for storing coffee and other accessories behind the scenes, or can be used in the heart of your store to contain items such as books, magazines, artwork and merchandise for customers.

The range of Matassa shelves can be purchased with an oak sawn effect, in canaletto walnut, or in lacquered black and white with metal rods as a contrast.