Modern Dining Room Styles

Decorating a dining room is important because it is a major feature of the home. HousetoHome has some tips on creating the best modern styles.

  • Use a single colour in a variety of hues to create a layered style. With a white base and varieties of blue you can easily create an outstanding modern style.
  • Start with a neutral grey backdrop and add bright colours to this. You can create an eclectic modern style using bright colours to contrast the backdrop.
  • Use jungle greens and cream to create a jungle themed dining room. Using industrial lights and sturdy chairs will add to the atmosphere.
  • Use a fiery orange and deep earthy browns to create a warm and vibrant dining area. Copper items will add to this style wonderfully.
  • Warm yellow is another good colour to bring into your dining room. With lots of natural light this room will be very warm and welcoming.