Five of the Fastest Growing Trends in Hotel Design

Hotels have always been evolving with the times, adjusting and incorporating the latest trends into their design decisions. Here are five of the fastest growing trends influencing hotel design:

Multi-Purpose Lobbies

In today’s digitally connected world lobbies have become much more than just a reception area. Many hotels on the cutting edge have incorporate informal seated areas and WiFi connected hotspots.

Revamped Bathrooms

Many hotels have completely transformed their design approach to the bathroom. Nowadays hotel bathrooms feature spas, waterfall showers and large baths.


One of the fastest growing trends in interior design is eco-friendliness, or ‘going green’. Whether it’s incorporating natural light into the rooms or adding some greenery, most hotels have jumped on this trend in some way, shape or form.

Local Art

One trend that has been gathering momentum in recent years is hanging art from local artists in the hotel rooms. Not only is this a pleasant change from the usual drab paintings seen in most hotel rooms, but it also gives the room more personality.

Tech Connected

It should be of no surprise that modern hotels are very digitally connected. Even five years ago many hotels did not provide guests with WiFi access, now it is a necessity.