How to Figure Out Your Decorating Style

shutterstock_88650808Choosing your design style is an important choice, as it sets the tone for the rest of the house, apartment or business. If you are having trouble getting started with your design project, here are a few tips to help expedite the process.

Define your style

1. Brainstorm random words. They will act as jumping off points and help you define the mood and style of your house, apartment or business.

2. Draw your inspiration from places around the world that you love to go or would love to visit. Hobbies, flowers or even your favourite book can be the inspiration for your design style. But be sure to choose a style that suits the architecture of your home and the surrounding environment.

Make a list of trinkets you would like to collect

Now you have your inspiration words, it is time to narrow your focus. Make a list of objet d’art and trinkets you want to use as accents around your home. Doing this will help you form a clearer picture of what your style will be.  Making this list will also help you save money because you will have a clear idea of what you actually need to buy.

Photo Research

Start reading style and design magazines. As you go through these magazines, cut out pictures that evoke feelings you want to capture in your own home and keep them in a design scrapbook. Try and be realistic with the photos you choose –  look for rooms that have similar dimensions to the one you are decorating.

Try not to pay too much attention to how much things cost at this part of the process, as it might stifle your creative spirit. Besides, you may be able to recreate the same look for less.