You’d expect the office of an architectural firm to look good, but this office goes above and beyond. The inspiring studio of Selgas Cano Architecture is located half underground in the middle of the forest, meaning a unique sunken nature experience for employees. Not only does the office provide gorgeous views of the colourful forest from the curving glass walls, but it completely eliminates the need for artificial light during the day.

Image via Inhabitat

Google’s 160,000 square foot London headquarters features cutting-edge design that offers a quirky, very British take on the traditional office. Designed by renowned interior designers PENSON, it’s a vibrant and somewhat surreal workspace that features British flag wallpaper, a “Velourmptious Snug” (a green, padded room that pays homage to the traditional British pub), and a “Granny Flat” (complete with kitsch, out-of-date furnishings). For those that enjoy the outdoors, there’s even the “Hedge Your Bets” roof terrace, affording spectacular views over London.

Image via Penson

Located in central Stockholm is the headquarters of Bahnhof, a Swedish Internet Service Provider which gained notoriety a few years ago as the former home of Wikileaks. It’s easy to see why it was picked as the home of such a covert operation, since it’s located 30 metres below the surface of Stockholm.

Image via Archi Expo

The White Mountain office, as it was named, is something you would expect to see in a Bond movie. The space was once used as a nuclear bunker during the Cold War, but today houses the 1,110 sqm high-security data centre, complete with artificial waterfalls, plenty of green plants and submarine engines used for backup power.

The 70,000 sq ft office of Inventionland is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Picture pirate ships, treehouses, race tracks, faux caves, a castle and giant cupcakes, and you’ll get an idea of the state-of-the-art facility. Inventionland is the world’s largest invention factory, and looking at the Disney-esque environment, it’s easy to see where inventors get their inspiration from.

Image via Office Snapshots

Complete by INNOCAD architecture in 2012, Microsoft’s Vienna Headquarters combines colourful, fresh, and eye-catching design elements to create a sleek, stylish and workable space. The office features a number of themed conference and meeting rooms, ranging from a hunting lodge to the ocean. There’s even a slide linking floors.

Image via Office Snapshots

The whole office makes going to work seem like way too much fun.

Image via Office Snapshots

It’s clear from the design of this Portland office that the comfort of staff was the primary focus for Parliament Creative Designers. The full service design studio is packed full of stylish, up-to-the-minute gadgets, images and custom-made furnishings, and offers the best of both usability and design.

When Italian skate clothing manufacturer and distribution company Bastard Store got their hands on an old 1940s cinema, it was the perfect place to set up their office. The space needed to house offices for 15-20 people, a large warehouse for garments, and as you might expect from a clothing label that specialises in skate wear - a fully covered skate ramp.

Image via Commercial Real Estate

The city of Milan knows how to breed incredible offices. The co-working space Thinkgarden bills itself as a creative thinking lounge and promotes a relaxing environment for its staff by combining foliage and function. Every available space is taken up with plants and trees, perfectly complimented by the stark white furniture.

Image via Behance

How on earth do they get work done?

Image via Business Insider

Like they do with their other offices, Google asked its “Zooglers” (Zurich Google employees) what they wanted out of their office. Based on the answers, Google established it needed functional and personal workspaces, strong visual communal areas, entertainment to stimulate creativity, and an aesthetically pleasing environment.

ASB Bank’s headquarters is a landmark development in Auckland’s docks by BVN Donovan Hill. The first big building built in the recently developed Wynyard Quarter, the ASB office works business unit “neighbourhoods” or “boathouses” into the space, each with its own identity, community and style. Bank staff can choose which of the settings inspires them the most.

Image via ArchitechtueAU

The hotel booking site Trivago believes a work environment should be social and fun, and that’s exactly what you get from the Dusseldorf office. Stepping away from the “normal” office routines, Trivago Dusseldorf offers gaming consoles, foosball tables and a climbing wall, as well as fully stocked beer fridges!

Image via Office Lovin

Co-working spaces are on the rise in Australia, and Fishburners is one of the country’s largest startup coworking space. Accepting only the best tech startups, Fishburners focus is to nurture a close-knit community to share skills and ideas.

Image via Fish Burners

Another co-working space that’s reportedly heading down under to Sydney is WeWork, famous for their diverse settings and locations. The company has more than 50 offices worldwide, and their New York offices are particularly stylish.

Image via Commercial Real Estate

American company dPOP! designs workplaces for creativity and collaboration and believes a happy, productive workspace is the key to success. Their own space is a repurposed 1920s bank vault, opulently furnished like a palace.

Image via M Live

The London office of Red Bull was once five old pubs in Soho, and with none of the building originally linking or having floors the same height, it makes for an interesting space. Throwing away the corporate office rule book, it’s designed as a series of comfy lounge areas, each one different from the rest.

Image via Office Snapshots

AOL might not be the company it used to be, but it’s trying to change its image with interesting new purchases and an exciting overhaul of their headquarters. Taking a leaf out of Google’s books, the newly revamped office space is a lot more fun and inspiring, featuring large kitchens, countless relaxation areas, and plenty of social entertainment.

Image via Co Design

Using its own software to conduct polls on the “perfect office”, Facebook’s California office is the stuff of dreams. The office offers huge open spaces, amazing relaxation areas, and even a DJ booth.

Image via Facebook

Dtac recently decided to bring all of their six Bangkok offices into one large space, which happens to be the largest ever office lease in Thailand’s history. A whopping 650,000 square feet, the Dtac office is a place where employees can come to work, play, and get creative.

Image via Indesignlive

Everything in the Gummo office conforms to the white and grey style as suggested by Dutch architects i29. Embracing the mantra of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, all of the furniture was locally sourced from eBay, charity shops and whatever was left in the old office.

Image via Dezeen

When Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion just two years after it was created, many wondered what on earth they were thinking. YouTube’s earning capabilities seemed far below that, yet Google was content with not only the price, but with splashing out on big, expensive offices for the company. The open-plan California office looks more like a theme park than an office!

Image via CA

The colourful, open-plan layout of the Lego headquarters is ideal for fuelling the imagination. Meeting rooms are light, comfortable and spacious, and the whole office is designed so that anyone is free to play with Lego as they wish.

Image via Office Snapshots

Zappos is the world’s largest online shoe retailer, and customer satisfaction is what they are famous for. This culture of realising people’s importance and individuality has been transferred into the company’s headquarters, where each employee gets their own little imprint into the office design.

Image via Office Snapshots

This unique advertising office and conference building is made up of three wings, each separated by sliding walls that can be opened up. The quirky interior is slightly left-field, with bizarrely shaped rooms and miniature staircases to phones.

Image via E Office

Big in Japan is a Texas-based mobile app developer that came up with the winning barcode scanning app: ShopSavvy. Now an ever-expanding company, Big in Japan has a “Big in Dallas” office, which focuses on open plan working and cool decorations. Surely no office should be complete without a nine-foot Hulk?

Image via E Office

Daily deals company LivingSocial is a big firm that requires a big space. Having found it, they’ve kitted it out with a great mix of “new” things, which offer excellent contrast to the exposed brick, antique doors and old shutters. The contrasting elements are a reminder that opposites can work together (just like work and play!).

Image via Business Insider

Getting creative with an old warehouse, Traction Marketing Group have managed to transform what was a very ordinary space into something incredible. Festoon and spot lighting works in well with the smooth concrete floor, and massive glass garage doors let in lots of natural light. While it’s clear the space was once a warehouse, the office offers plenty of character and charm.

Image via Office Snapshots

Housing 1,100 staff, which once headed off to separate buildings each day, the huge building includes a five story atrium with a three story slide, lots of colour, and boardroom tables in the shape of ice hockey rinks.

Image via Inhabitat

The largest office space in Canada, Corus Quay is a massive 500,000 square feet, and home to Corus Entertainment.

The Pallotta TeamWorks office was limited to a budget of just $40 per square foot, which forced designers to think out of the box. The solution was a bunch of custom shipping containers, which soon became individual office spaces within one large warehouse. The unique design and fresh colours make for an interesting office that highlights the fact that you don’t need to lots of money to create office magic.

Image via Jetson Green

When thinking about an ideal office space for their office in San Francisco, Fitbit wanted something that inspires health, happiness and productivity. They asked interior design firm Rapt Studio for help, and the result is an energetic environment where the serious work can get done without the seriousness.

Image via Office Snapshots

Having found a former bowling alley, the team set to work creating one of the most beautiful, playful and relaxing office environments in the world. The office still operates a bowling alley, plus there’s a driving range and plenty of open space.

Image via Office Snapshots

Ad agency TBWA Hakuhodo wanted to show the world they “think differently”, so teamed up with Klein Dytham Architecture to give form to this message.

Featuring a design that utilises radial walls and windows throughout, the smooth flowing Saegeling Medizintechnik office is completely unique. The building offers some pretty interesting systems, from capillary tube thermal control, to circulation paths that determine the building’s shape.

Image via Dezeen

New York-based design and branding firm ICRAVE combine minimalist aspects in each of their amazing offices. Designed to mimic hotel lobbies with the reception doubling as a DJ booth, the 8,000 square foot Madison Square Park office encourages employee interaction and collaboration.

Image via Design Milk

The building is designed to encourage collaboration and innovation, and the atrium is a magnificent space where people seem to “make the magic happen”.

Image via Office Snapshots

The Californian Pixar office is like a magical playground, and here you will find games rooms, work pods, living rooms, garden sheds, and sprawling office space filled with every Pixar character you could imagine.

New York-based startup Quirky, which aims to make invention accessible, believes everyone can be an inventor with the right inspiration. Unfortunately, they bit off a bit more than they can chew with this grand, 60,000 square foot Chelsea warehouse, but while it lasted, it was pretty impressive.

Image via Office Snapshots

In 2012, Outbrain relocated to its new 22,000 square foot headquarters in New York, with the project performed by New York-based JIDK. One focal point is a mural by artist Sofia Maldonado, a colourful composite inspired by the clouds, the ocean, and the Caribbean landscape.

Image via Mashable

Unilever’s energy efficient office, set on the Elbe River, is one of the greenest offices in Europe. Envisioned by Behnisch Architects, it features a huge atrium that’s open to all visitors. The exterior of the building is breathtaking, while the interior takes advantage of all the natural light.

Image via Inhabitat

Built from the shell of a dilapidated navy shipyard, the 100+ year old campus of Urban Outfitters offers the industrious building creative new life. The move to the shipyard brought the entire workforce of Urban Outfitters together, and today it enjoys a cafeteria, coffee shop, library, fitness centre and a courtyard in rugged timbers, rusted steel beams and a quirky shipyard feel.

Image via Office Snapshots

Woods Bagot has recently developed a new office for Warner Music, bringing a variety of record labels under one roof. The space seeks to express the brand and identity of each label, whilst still making a clear statement that the Wrights Lane building is the company’s London headquarters. Lighting is subdued, ceilings exposed, and the retained timber floors are stained black, giving the whole building an edgy feel.

Image via Office Snapshots

The tech company, which develops electronic medical records, has more than 5,000 employees, and the building has to be one of the world’s most jaw-dropping office spaces to date.

Image via Business Insider

The incredible office of Epic Systems Corporation was inspired by Indiana Jones, New York subways and the stock exchange, and cost $500 million to build.

The co-working office project Salt has relaunched with a new office space, this time one that offers working space divided into small rooms - each including a work station and filing system. The interior offers a loft-style approach to design, and the restored wooden floors, old kiln bricks and stylish furnishings make for an emotional space.

Image via Office Snapshots

The Groupon office in Chicago is one fun place to be, offering one of the quirkiest office spaces in the world. Playing homage to Groupon’s old mascot, you’ll find a replica of ‘Groupon the Cat’, made from 300 pounds of steel and children’s hair. There’s also a tropical lounge area, the “Fun Zone” and a “Sad Zone”.

Image via Dod News

In 2014, Setter Architects completed a new cutting edge development for Autodesk, an international leader in 2D and 3D design. The new office extends four floors and is designed to reflect the company’s corporate and local cultures that focus on the wellbeing of staff. Staff can even bring their dogs to work!

Image via Office Snapshots

Global advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather have amazing offices all over the world, but it’s their Jakarta office that’s really turning heads. Created with the help of M Moser Associates, it’s a modern 28-storey office tower in Jakarta’s CBD that supports large, multi purpose areas that can be used for everything from dining and relaxation, to intimate discussions and town-hall style meetings.

Image via Office Snapshots

The 280,000 square foot campus of global software giant Adobe was created to be a both a reflection and extension of Adobe’s innovative brand. Housing more than 1,000 employees, it offers comfortable lounges, large 14-foot gaming screens, a jam-session room, indoor basketball court, and a fully equipped gym. A large atrium sits in the middle of these facilities, promoting interaction and a strong sense of community.

Image via Office Snapshots

The top three floors are taken up by the company, while the lower areas offer three exhibitions open to the public.

Image via The Cool Hunter

The sleek building that sits between Potsdamer Platz and the Brandenburg Gate is exactly what you would expect for a medical science centre. Crisp whites lend a sterile, clinical-like feel, and the facade is designed to resemble the structure of muscle fibres.

Kickstarter’s funky new Brooklyn headquarters is filled with the company’s hit projects, reclaimed wood and industrial details. Located in what used to be the Eberhard Faber Pencil Factory, the new Kickstarter site houses 80 employees, and is a far cry from their old tenement building, where staff washed dishes in a bathtub.

Image via Business Insider

As a small, independent video game design company, Three Rings Design needed their office space to be fun and interesting. A space to gain and keep talent, and a place for employees to feel proud of. The concept was to design a space that paid homage to Jules Verne ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’, and the result was underwater portholes, engine silhouettes, a nautilus-themed bar and a huge “octopus attack” couch.

Image via Gizmodo

Within the intricately moulded interiors of this Parisian office block, architect Estelle Vincent has inserted a trio of boxy timber meeting spaces, one which can be exited via a slide. The wooden boxes offer a strong contrast to the place-like interior, and you’ll either love it or hate it.

Image via Dezeen

Nexmo are an innovative company that aims to achieve significant growth in the coming years. With this in mind, they wanted a space that could expand as they do. The brief was a quirky and playful office with eclectic features, the emphasis being to create unique collaborative working areas. The office embraces industrial elements such as exposed concrete, a timber cladded wall and a chalkboard wall.

Image via Office Snapshots

Designed by KANNFINCH and fitted out by Cafe Culture + Insitu, the office of the Department of Education and Training required open plan work areas that allow for flexible and spontaneous think tank sessions. Floor-to-ceiling whiteboard walls, natural light and lots of colour reflect the department’s emphasis on creativity, flexibility and education. The office also has an emphasis on sustainability, with limited reliance on mechanical air and green star rated furniture, fittings and equipment used where possible.

Image via Office Snapshots

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