2017 Milan Report is presented in the Australian House & Garden magazine July 2017 by colour palettes that showcases the PUCCIO stools, designed by Emilio Nanni for Billiani and the MITO floor lamp, designed by Tom Fereday for Rakumba. pg.47-56.

"Like moths to a flame, the crowds at the recent Milan Furniture Fair were lured by light and colour." pg.47.

A collection of PUCCIO stools can be seen as part of the pink colour palette: "The pinks ran from porcelain to blush and deep coral, often used together and paired with brick, terracotta and wine." pg.48.

The stunning MITO floor lamp in marble is shown as part of the neutral colour palette: "Neutrals extended from cool to warm. The cooler neutrals had a subtle green undertone, with either caramel or soft pinks influencing the warmer shades." pg.52.

Produced by Lisa Green. Colour palettes by Bree Leech.

In an article titled 'Bottom of the Garden,' focusing on self-contained studios in the garden, the TILLER chair by Didier can be seen in a freestanding studio that belongs to Brisbane interior stylist Vanessa Cribb. pg.135.